Carlyle is a world leader in compressor technology. Our products can be found around the world – from the first nuclear sub to your grocer's freezer. That's because when it comes to refrigeration and air conditioning, Carlyle builds the world's most reliable compressors.

Compressors That Make a World of Difference

For over 80 years, Carlyle has led the development of compressors. We have applied our technological capabilities to bring you compressors that use alternative, environmentally safe refrigerants, while still meeting your need for reliable, efficient operation. We're committed to providing you with the most that a compressor can possibly give you - high efficiency, low operating costs, optional capacity control systems, and Carlyle's world-famous reliability.

Meeting the Demanding Needs of the Refrigeration Business

When it comes to meeting your refrigeration needs, Carlyle simply builds the most reliable compressors. They're more dependable and durable by design. In fact, in a head-to-head, real-world comparison, Carlyle compressors proved significantly more durable than the competition.

Carlyle compressors also provide higher performance. Our reciprocating models can be applied in high-, medium-, and low-temperature applications and in single or parallel configurations. With the widest operating range available for all standard refrigerants and lubricants, Carlyle has a compressor that will fit your application.

Reliable Compressors. Real-World Advantages.

Every day around the world Carlyle compressors are working quietly and efficiently in supermarkets, computer rooms, manufacturing plants, on board ships and over the road. Proven more durable in the real world, our compressors consistently meet and exceed the demands of your challenging environments.