The data center is rapidly changing. We make compressors that can keep up.

As we move further into the 21st century, billions of people use the Internet each day. Businesses rely on increasingly powerful networks to drive collaboration and productivity. And the ability to connect and share information has become an essential part of everyday life. As technology evolves to meet growing network requirements, one thing is certain – the days of the small computer room are over.

Today’s data centers are larger and full of servers and high-tech equipment that generate heat. To operate reliably and efficiently, each piece of equipment must be kept within a manufacturer-recommended range of room temperatures. Carlyle offers a broad line of innovative compressors to help drive cooling systems that achieve exactly that.

In fact, Carlyle reciprocating compressors, including the 06D model, have dominated the data center market for more than 30 years. Today, our 06M is bringing a new level of versatility to the market, all with the environmental advantages of R-410A refrigerant. The 06M’s efficiency across a wide operating envelope allows saturated suction temperatures up to 80 degrees F, which is optimized for cooling data centers.

As data centers continue to grow larger, many are adopting chiller technology for their cooling needs. In these systems, our Paragon Twin Screw Compressors help deliver lower operating costs and ease of application. The product of extensive research and development, and decades of Carlyle expertise, Paragon also provides infinitely variable capacity from 25% to 100% for perfect load matching – all with quiet operation.

These are just a few examples of our innovative advancements that are helping us meet the highly specific and challenging requirements of data centers. They’re also just the latest in a long line of reasons why, when customers need data center compressor technology, Carlyle is the first name that comes to mind.