When it comes to compressors for transportation applications, Carlyle never stops moving forward.

Whether by land or by sea, transportation applications demand efficiency, reliability and quiet operation. That’s why Carlyle compressors are the trusted name and driving force behind cooling systems used by a wide range of customers around the world.

Our 05G or 05F compressors, for example, are considered the industry workhorses and remain some of the most prominent products on the market for buses and land applications. While competitors often tout a lighter solution, they can’t touch Carlyle on the measures that truly matter in the real world – efficiency and reliability.

Our commitment to helping customers get people and goods from point A to point B as effectively as possible extends beyond the shoreline. At sea, screw compressors including our new Paragon solution are helping to meet unique requirements in maritime cooling.

In short, we offer a diverse range of compressor solutions that are relied upon for excellent service and performance throughout the transportation industry. And because transportation is all about moving forward, our technology is too. We continue to innovate to better serve our customers, from the development of ever more efficient solutions to the use of more sustainable refrigerants.