CARWIN Compressor Selection Software

The CARWIN compressor selection software is online and designed to adapt to any device.
CARWIN provides performance data on Carlyle Compressors with commonly used refrigerants at Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration operating conditions in a user friendly interface. In addition to compressor performance, CARWIN provides technical documents and drawings for the product selected.
The long established Load Match Tool has the ability to select individual or multiple compressors per your unique system requirements. An all new Refrigerant Retrofit Tool allows users to quickly compare multiple refrigerants to select the best option for lowering GWP. Compressor performance estimates generated by the selection software can be easily output to an Excel file format.

Carwin Selection Software

Click the CARWIN image above to be redirected to the CARWIN web-application or visit

Controller Interface Software, Virtual BacView (For Paragon 06TS/TT/TU/TV, 74mm 06TR/TA, and 06Z VFD)

The Carlyle Control Module (CCM) controller package provides capacity control and compressor protection for your application.
To interface with the CCM Controller for system setup and configuration, monitoring of important parameters, and field service, the Virtual BacView software is the right tool to facilitate these activities.
Download the Virtual BacView to your laptop.
Once the software is installed, the laptop is now ready to connect to the CCM using an interface cable, Carlyle part number USB-L.

Download the BacView Controller Interface Software HERE

Virtual BacView Paragon Controller