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Carlyle Model Number Replacement Model Number HP Cfm @ 1750 Rpm Number of Cylinders Oil Charge (Pints) Net Weight lb Electronic Drawings DXF, ProE, IGES, STEP) Outline Drawings PDF)
06CC125 06CY125 6.5 23.9 6 9.5 335 06CC125 06CC125
06CC228 06CY228 7.5 28 6 9.5 330 06CC228 06CC228
06CC337 06CY337 10 37.1 6 9.5 345 06CC337 06CC337
06CC550 06CY550 15 50.3 6 19 545 06CC550 06CC550
06CC665 06CY665 20 68.3 6 19 555 06CC565 06CC565
06CC675 06CY675 20 75.4 6 19 555 06CC675 06CC675
06CC899 06CY899 30 99 6 19 580 06CC899 06CC899

Models: 06CC125, 06CC228, 06CC337

Compressor Drawing 3D Files 2D Files
ProE (.PRT) IGES (Wire) (.IGS) IGES (Surface) (.IGS) STEP (.STP) .DXF
Base Compressor 06DCCL9F 06DCCL9F 06DCCL9F 06DCCL9F 06DCCL9F
With Service Valves 06DCCL9F_SV 06DCCL9F_SV 06DCCL9F_SV 06DCCL9F_SV 06DCCL9F_SV
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Models: 06CC550, 06CC565, 06CC675, 06CC899

Compressor Drawing 3D Files 2D Files

Base Compressor
With Service Valves

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