OEM Support

For factory-to-factory direct sales and new OEM compressor sales:

U.S. OEM Sales Contacts


Hamid Shekarbakht
Phone: (770)492-8356
Fax: (770) 492-8305


Robert Ochs
Phone: (480) 830-9612

Worldwide OEM Sales Contacts


Robert Ochs
Phone: (480) 830-9612

Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

Hamid Shekarbakht
Phone: (770) 492-8356
Fax:(770) 492-8305

Middle East, Europe, and Africa (ERCD)

Benoit De Jocas
Phone:+33 472 25 2021

Asia Pacific (ARCD)

Chin Boon See
Phone: +64 64100 126

For all other inquiries

Carlyle Compressor Company
Carrier Parkway, TR-4
P.O. Box 4808
Syracuse, NY 13221